As a birth doula I strive to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, so families can truly enjoy their pregnancy, birth & postpartum experience. I firmly believe in prenatal education, giving my clients and their partners a clearer understanding of all the options made available to them, enabling them to make well informed decisions for their situation and go into the birth process with confidence.  I draw upon my professional training, knowledge and personal experience to guide my clients.

I am certified by, and a proud  member of DONA International, a leader in doula training throughout the world. DONA International sets and maintains high standards for the doula industry to provide better care for mothers everywhere. Additionally, I’m a professional member of Evidence Based Birth. I am also a trained Hypnobabies Support Doula. Continuing my education is extremely important to me so I may better serve my clients with quality, evidence-based, compassionate care.

I understand, in a very personal way, the many needs and challenges of the birthing mother and the tremendous impact within the family.

I am mother to nine children. To say that, “I’ve been there, I’ve experienced……,” would be a very accurate statement. I’ve experienced non-medicated, medicated, an emergency C-section, twins, pregnancy while very young, pregnancies after 40, pre-eclampsia and severe hyperemesis gravidarum (severe vomiting) which required hospitalization and home nursing. I’ve breastfed all of my babies for varying lengths of time, ranging from six weeks up to two years. I have lived the amazing joys & blessings, as well as the fears, feelings of inadequacy and unpreparedness that is unique to motherhood. 

As a birth doula, I draw upon this experience to offer a very holistic, caring and balanced approach to help you attain your ideal birth, based on your needs and the needs of your family. With every birth I attend, I learn something new and come away in complete awe as another miracle of life is brought into the family. 

Being a doula gives me the opportunity to fulfill my passion for passing on knowledge to the next generation of mothers and encompasses everything I love about being a mother.